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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Labor Day Highlights

A handful of poor, grainy iPhone photos document our wonderful Labor Day weekend
The highlights included:
Time at WD's farm shooting round after round of Daddy's 22
The kids are a pretty good shoot
Running in the fields alongside the cows
Little Miss getting her hair caught in the bob wire fencing and pulling with all her might to get lose only to leave a huge chunk of hair dangling from the wire
True story
Burgers & Beans & Beer Oh My!

Sunday we drove into Branson to White Water
Kids had a BLAST!
Daddy & Mommy had a blast!
McKenna once again proved herself fearless
There was no picture taking amidst our fun so this one pulled from Google Images will have to suffice
We shut down White Water, changed and headed to the nearby Tracks for the boys to burn off some testosterone racing Wes and Levi on go karts whilst the girls fed quarters into the candy machines
Daddy treated us all to Andy's Frozen Custard before loading up and heading back into Springfield
T'was a good, good day!
Monday we left Springfield and drove to my brother's beautiful home on Lake Lotawana, MO 
The kids spent HOURS swimming, jumping off the back of the boat & playing on the tube
We ate more delicious burgers and dogs off the grill with all the fixings and sides
Our Labor Day was complete after a long ride on the pontoon, visiting and taking in the sunset

A big thank-you to Wesley for taking the city out of our kids; to GG for the wonderful gift of memories made at White Water; and to my family for my Leo fix and a relaxing time at the lake!

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Phyllis said...

Happy you all enjoyed the week-end. It was sure your time for fun, after Travis' accident. Good family fun. GG