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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

 - Easter - 
It was an incredibly relaxing weekend. We had our DuBay family Easter at my brother's home Friday evening on Lake Lotawana. The weather was crisp but just right for fishing off the dock, a long pontoon ride snuggled up in blankets as the sunset and s'more assembly fireside in the evening. It was a wonderful day spent with family and we look forward to more days spent doing very much the same in the coming months. 
{Grainy goodness right here ^^^^} 
Saturday we boiled, dyed and decorated eggs after Dawson's noon soccer game.
It was an eventful hour. There may or may not have been a tantrum and gnashing of teeth because a middle child wasn't happy with his Sharpie drawing on his egg {see far right blue egg in front} and I let out a big gasp of air upon realizing that the Kool-Aid seeped under the wax paper dyeing my table top as well. Magic Eraser did its magic but also removed the sheen finish from our island :(
Sunday we attended an AMAZING worship service at our church then returned home for brunch with Travis's mom who was in town visiting and my parents.  
The kids were less than thrilled when I forced convinced them to take pictures.
This was as good as it got. 
Kids squinting; one child or another running off; tempers raising ... all in the name of a picture! 
I hope your Easter was a blessed one remembering the sacrifice of our risen King! 

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