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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date Night

This post is for you GG & Aunt Shari ... enjoy the pics
Saturday night Travis and Gabrielle attended the 2nd annual Chick-fil-A Daddy Daughter Date Night. The CFL folks stayed true to fashion and put on a first class night for the Daddy's and all their princesses. They pulled out all the stops ... valet parking, escorts for the little ladies, red carpet, roses, white linens, table side service & a special take home gift. Daddy spoiled daughter (Gabrielle) by ordering her her very own milk shake which she promptly removed the lid from and started pouring down her throat at lightening speed!!
Like Mommy, like daughter :0)

Gabrielle enjoyed her evening with Daddy. She received even more hugs and kisses than on a normal day (which is a lot)! This is one event we are sure to mark on the calendar again for next year.

1 comment:

Rene' said...

Cute! I did hear about the milkshake!!LOL...
She's definately still Daddy's princess!