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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Memory of my Child

Me: Mommy needs to make a couple of phone calls to the doctor this morning before I can play house with you.
Gab: For me?
Me: I am going to call Daddy's doctor for his x-rays and call your dentist to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment.
Gab: Oh my!! I am going to watch Nemo while they tickle my teeth and then if I am really good they will give me chocolate ice cream. I want you to take pictures if me laughing when they are shining my princess teeth (what the doctor referred to her teeth as as she counted them and did the exam). Then when we are all done I get a token to take home a surprise.
Me: How do you remember all that? (She was only a little over 2 1/2 when I last took her for a cleaning).
Gab: I just do. Do we get to go today?
She was too funny. While I called and made the appointment she went into her bedroom and got herself dressed - shoes and all. She returned to the living room and said "I'm ready." When I asked what she was ready for she answered "To go see the dentist to make my teeth pearly white!" I knocked the wind out of her sails when I informed her the appointment wasn't this morning.
The good news is her appointment is this Wednesday so the wait won't be too painful for me (with her asking every so often when she is going).
Pictures to follow in a few days :0)

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Rene' said...

Love it! that child of yours is so funny!!! I can just hear her say that too :)
You better remember to leave me some blog lovin or I'm taking you off my list!! :)
PSS and I mean it!!!