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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Belated Birthday Celebration

I am sure most of you know Gabrielle is a New Year's baby.
This year her birthday happened to fall during the period that we were mourning the passing of Travis's Dad. We did do a small family party for her with GG, Aunt Shari & Uncle Darren while in Springfield and another cake and gift opening with Mema and Papa when we returned back to Olathe. Gabrielle had really been looking forward to having a party with her girlfriends, so after much delay (nearly 7 months!!) we finally put a low key gathering together.
My motto for the year: Late is better than never
Friday we met at Debbie Howard's Gym with five of Gabrielle's friends.

They each had fun on the balance beam

Uneven bars (I love the death grip and look of fear on Gabi's face)

The 40 foot long trampoline

And the biggest hit - the foam pit located at the end of the trampoline

Gabi made several attempts to scale the rock climbing wall while Tatum and Chase were more adventurous and mastered the larger than life "spider web" contraption then jumped some estimated fifteen feet to the mat below!! They each did this a handful or more times BEFORE we learned that it was against the gym rules. OOPS!

We took a short break for cupcakes, juice and gift opening.
Gabrielle was blessed with such great gifts - all of which she has already enjoyed and play with. These beautiful pajammies (as we call them at the Hicks household) topped the cake!! My friend Becky has a heart for gift giving. There is nothing ordinary about what she picks out. She puts so much thought behind each purchase. She surprised us just yesterday with a box of goodies for our road trip to Alabama later this week ... really who thinks of things like that??

She received two different Barbies - the Happy Birthday Barbie and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty - to add to her collection.

Other items received included this adorable personalized thermos, some awesome faux vintage activity books, her very own crystal wind chime, a slip 'n slide (BIGGGG HIT), a new DVD, an accessory set to her Tinkerbell Toy & a hoola hoop (from her Mema).
I was so impressed by the gym facility as well as the generosity and level of professionalism displayed by the owner that I am really looking forward to our next visit there.
On a side bar ... is it bad that I am pining to enroll her in gymnastics now??
It may be time to find a PT job!!


Rene' said...

Thanks for inviting us to Gabi's birthday party. It was such a great place! I am definately looking forward to more visits there!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls all had a blast - I'm glad Gabs got to have her "special day" with some special girlfriends. Looking forward to cousin time next week...Love, Mom