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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello 11373

October 16th we said goodbye to 20929 and hello to 11373.
After much thought about "moving up" we stepped out in faith in late January and listed what is now our previous home. Our hope was that our house would sell quickly and we could profit from the low interest rates and buyers market to upsize. We waited and waited AND cleaned and cleaned for many, many showings, but our efforts weren't fruitful. It was yet another testing of me being patient and waiting on God's perfect timing. It wasn't until mid August that we received an offer. With much reluctancy (on my part) we accepted and advanced in the search for our new home. What we found meets not only our needs (or should I say wants?) but far more. I have posted a couple shots taken in late August prior to our possession.

Front Elevation

Private wooded back yard (playset was previous owners).
The previous home owner had her son's bedrooms painted with murals that we {currently} can't bring ourselves to paint over. They are done beautifully and are pretty darn cute if I can say so myself. We chose the transportation themed room for Dawson for obvious reasons.
What boy doesn't love trains & tractors?

Dawson's bedroom murals

This giraffe is my personal favorite!
We had every intention on painting Gabrielle's room as soon as we were settled. She had her heart set on pink (her previous bedroom was a bright green). We didn't make it past night one in the new house when Gabi let it be known she LOVES her new bedroom and we ARE NOT to paint over her jungle friends.

Gabrielle's bedroom murals


April D. Hunt said...

The outside is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to visit and see the rest!

Megan said...

Love the pics of the new house! The murals are so cute, it would be hard to think about painting over them. Nice backyard as well :)Can't wait to see it in person some time.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the new house! The murals are cute, it would be hard to paint over them.