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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We are reading The Jesus Storybook Bible each night prior to bedtime and tonight's chapter ended in a rather memorable conversation between Gabrielle and me. We were discussing the devil which perplexed Gabrielle. I then said "You know, Satan. Sometimes he is called the devil, other times Satan." I went on to explain that Satan persuades us to believe his lies and leads us to do bad things such as make bad decisions or be naughty. Gabrielle responded by saying "We (referring to Dawson and herself) were a little like Satan today. We were naughty. Momma, is it OK if next time we are naughty I just say we are Satan?"
Some times kids say the darndest things!
Time will only tell if our little convo stuck and if she wraps her mind around the message between good {GOD} and bad {SATAN}.

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