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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Highlights

In no particular order:
*Gabrielle telling me "Shhh ... God is talking to me right now."
*Dawson totally suprising us by reciting the ABC's ON Christmas Day!. This was a 1st.
*A white Christmas
*A Christmas spent with the entire DuBay clan - all 16 of us!
*Family photos by - a gift from Mema & Papa
*Time with a dear childhood friend, Carrie
*Gabrielle repetively stating that the laundry room smelled like Santa ... "He must have come in through the garage since he is too fat to fit down the chimney."
*Dawson loving his new interactive "crocodile (um son I have news for you - it is a dinosaur) Spike Jr.
*Goodie baking. The plus side here is only one recipe flopped and I blame that on what is thought to be stale brown sugar.
*Travis surprising me with a very nice!! wine selection as well as a gift card to the Legends
*Gabrielle literally crawling into the Santa present bag to retrieve her gift. Too cute!
Picture forthcoming on this one
*Sledding TODAY!!!!!!
*Successful shopping with many great deals and some bonus buys from one VERY GOOD FRIEND! You know who you are - HUGS!
*Post Christmas sales
We hope you and your family had a happy, healthy Christmas!
Please share some of your favorite memories. I would love to read them.
Peace and blessings! Christine

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