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Thursday, April 15, 2010

CFL Daddy/Daughter date night #2

Travis adopted a new monthly ritual of scheduling a special monthly date night with the little miss in his life. This month's date was a no brainer. The good folks of Chick-fil-A took care of all the work. This girl loves any reason to wear a dress, so getting dolled up for a date with Daddy was a high priority to her. She picked out a new sundress & her "rosie toe" shoes. I had purchased her the new hair bow the evening prior which just so happened to match perfectly. Gabrielle (for reasons unknown) does not choose to eat the delic' food at CFL so she relished every sip of her milk shake. If I were in Travis's shoes I would have been happy to have a cheap date :)

She is definitely a Daddy's girl!

If anyone has ideas for great daddy/daughter date excursions I would appreciate your suggestions.

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