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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fit for a Princess

The kids were invited to their dear friend Kamryn's princess & cupcake party to celebrate her 5th birthday. Ms G went upstairs to get herself assembled in her Belle dress and Dawson (her constant shadow) followed behind her. Much to our surprise he presented downstairs in her 2 piece cheerleader outfit. Sidenote worthy of mention ... he has a favorite princess dress that his Daddy put up high, very HIGH so as not to tempt Dawson into dressing like a princess any longer.

I know I am his Mommy which makes me a little biased, but come on doesn't he make a pretty princess? Um, I mean handsome prince!

This is the face we got when Daddy put his foot down and insisted he not leave the house dressed like this. Guess who won out? The little man. I took video of him twirling and grinning from ear to ear which I am sure he will hate me for in the future.

It isn't often that I get geniune natural smiles from Gabi when I break out the camera so I was so pleased to get not one, but several which capture my little beauty.

The girls had access to every fancy fixing known to mankind to add to their cupcakes. It was quite a sight seeing the concoctions they were putting together. Here is Gabrielle intent on piling as much goodness onto hers as possible.

And then relishing in the glorious sugar high!


Megan said...

Gabi looks so sweet all dressed up like a princess!!! I wouldn't worry too much about Dawson, Braden has done the same thing with Grace's dress up clothes. I think it's part of having an older sister. Whether the dads like it or not. Seavie wasn't too thrilled about some of B's choices either.

Jami Nato said...

so cute! that dress is it.

and your music on your blog makes me laugh. didn't know you were into such hoppin' beats!

Mo said...

Just let Travis know that there are boy cheerleaders. I'm sure he would love to be reminded.