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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Up to my Eyeballs

I know this isn't your typical post, but I want to document this so when times get tough down the road I can look back and remember I have lived through bumpy roads in the past and pressed forward. I/we have been up to our eyeballs ... in vomit, fevers, medicine intake, doctor and urgent care visits which lead to medical bills, LAUNDRY, body aches, fatigue, chronic coughs, diarrhea, did I mention LAUNDRY? Our household has been hit pretty hard this fall with the yuck bug. It all started Saturday October 23rd. Travis and I had a teenage neighbor girl over to babysit while we went out on a date. We returned home at 8:30 to the kids sound asleep in bed. We did what we often do and curled up in our own bed and watched some DVR. We were startled at 9:30 by a gut wrenching sound (figuratively and literally). Poor Gabrielle was heaving so bad she was unable to catch her breath. Pair this with a 104.3 or greater fever and it makes for a sleepless night. After NO relief and several chats with the nurses line we opted to take her to Children's Mercy South for evaluation. They had concerns of her showing signs of meningitis as she consistently complained of bad neck pain. The neurological exam was negative as were both a strep test and urine culture so in short they sent us packing stating she was dealing with a bad virus (no blood work or x-rays were done at this time). Fast forward to Tuesday when she is still vomiting, still running a fever now closer to 104.8 and hasn't had anything to eat or drink since Saturday night and we are beside ourselves! Our pediatrician asked us to bring her in to see her. We were in the office no longer than 5 minutes before we were in route back to the hospital for direct admit. The nurses were amazed at Gabrielle's bravery in having a blood culture draw as well as IV placement for hydration and antibiotic delivery. Things moved pretty rapidly at this visit. They tested her urine again, sent the blood for STAT testing and sent us to x-ray. We learned in fast order that the blood showed very elevated WBC and the x-rays showed a bad left lung pneumonia. We were a little baffled why this was missed on physical exam THREE times. The doctor explained that because Gabrielle was so severely dehydrated they were unable to hear it. After several hours of IV fluids the doctor was able to immediately pick it up. This whole incident led me into contracting a bad chest cough (and when I say bad think BAD). I went to see my PCP after a week where they ordered a chest x-ray. No pneumonia, praise the Lord. One week later and my cough is worse so my doctor put me on a course of antibiotic. I am now on week three of coughing. The pediatrician at both CMH and our own ped advised us to expect Gabrielle's cough to last up to six weeks. Put Gabi's cough and my cough together and it makes for a lot of interrupted sleep. I. am. over. it!
This past weekend started with another trip to the pediatrician. Gabrielle's cough was worse than ever. She was up all night Thursday trying to stay ahead of the cough. My worst nightmare was she was dealing with a recurrence of the pneumonia. The nurse at SM Peds said to bring her right in for eval and possible repeat x-ray. I was so elated to learn her chest was 100% clear. They said she had a secondary viral infection and to restart her allergy and asthma medications (which we stopped when she fell so ill). Enter my #1 mistake here. I brought Dawson to the appt with us Friday. You may not think much of this (as I didn't at the time either), but he contracted the worst of worst yuck bugs while there. Without too much detail think lots and lots o' diaper changing, sheet washing, Lysol disinfectant and stink! My prayer (please join me) is that this will not prevent any kind of regression with his potty training. He has been trained for months and months now and we are on day three of constant diaper wearing. Throughout all of this fiasco Travis somehow managed to stay healthy. That is UNTIL Sunday early morning. I woke to him huddled on the couch complaining of fever, chills and body aches. UGH! Can we catch a break?
I long for the day when we can return to this -

We have missed a few days of beautiful weather, awesome church services and frugal store finds. I am looking ahead eight weeks when I will be up to my eyeballs in newborn poops, breastfeeding, burping, baby coos, even more laundry and ... I am elated for all of it!

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