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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in a name?

We have really been struggling to nail down a name for the newest member of the Hicks family. We faced the same challenge when we were expecting Gabrielle as well. I don't know if you would agree, but we find it so much easier to choose a boys name. In fact we had our boy name picked out long before we found out for certain we were expecting another girl. Several times a week the topic will come up and we will give it some thought and discussion. The past several weeks Travis has gone into psycho mode spending a ton of time on numerous online sites looking up names - popular baby names, celebrity baby names, etc. He has researched the origin and meaning of the names which made our short list, crossed out names and added names. So over the weekend he shared with me that he was really leaning toward two very different names. One more common, the other not so common - both with different middle names. I have been dead set on MY name since very early in this pregnancy and I CAN NOT get him over to my side. (Enter some ill feeling here as I really have a strong feeling about this particular name). Anyhow, he turns to me and says with such emotion "I would never consider changing Gabrielle or Dawson's name. I love their names and feel they both suit them well. I want the same for this baby. I want to know without a doubt we gave her the right name." How can I argue with that? I want us to both be happy with whatever we name our little girl.
So precious baby to be, please know Daddy and Mommy have poured hours over your name and no matter what it may end up being we know it is perfect, just as you will be!

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