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Monday, December 27, 2010

DuBay Family Christmas

About the only thing that tops the thrill and excitement of this time of year is quality time spent with family. We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on Wednesday evening. My brother and SIL hosted at their home in Leawood. Linda has the most incredible knack for decorating (she owns her own interior decorating business if anyone would like to use her services!) and her house was just beautiful! I enjoyed snooping at all the details she put into each room and ooohed and aaawed over lots of her Christmas decor. I think one of my favorites were her wise men in the dining area. We ate a casual supper of yummy potato soup & taverns with fresh vegetables and a HUGE array of goodies before opening gifts.

Mom and I had taken Gabrielle to the new AG store opening weekend which was such a fun thing to get to do together as a 1st. Mema had given both the older granddaughters (Danielle now 19 & Paige 17) their first AG dolls so she wanted to do the same for Gabrielle. Gabrielle struggled some with her decision, but ultimately decided to settle on the My American Girl doll which is supposed to look the most similar to her. She was awesome about waiting patiently until Christmas to actually get the doll. She named her Kate Elizabeth and has quickly proven she will take excellent care of her.

Travis and I bought her the accessory kit to go with the outfit her doll came in.
$24 seems a wee bit steep for what comes in that teeny little box, but just take one look at that smile!

And little man, well ... he was overjoyed receiving a snuggie of his own. He looks ridiculously adorable in it. He lounges on the couch with it and takes it to bed with him during nap and nighttime.

I heart this picture of my oldest brother Brett and Paige.
I can only pray that Gabrielle will grow to have as close a relationship as these two do. I love seeing my brother dote on Paige and Paige continue to be his "little girl." She will be off to college in the Spring leaving B & L with an empty nest. Rest assured, there will be some tires beating the pavement :P

And this picture
Well, let's just say that I do believe these are about two of thee most handsome devils a girl could meet. Don't you agree? I love this kid (Tyler aka TJ) and admire beyond words the choices he has made to go against the flow of the teenage/college norm.
I would have loved nothing more than to have camped out in front of their fireplace and visited the night away enjoying a glass of wine however, my bestie from junior/senior high was making her annual trek from Austin to NW Iowa and stops each year to stay a night with us so we called the night young and headed home shortly before 10.

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