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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Visiting Santa

The Christmas season wouldn't be the same without making the short drive to the local Bass Pro Shop to visit Mr. Clauss himself. This year was different from lasts as Dawson was enthralled with the idea of the big man whereas last year ... well, not so much!

Gabi took it upon herself to grab Santa's undivided attention after her picture was taken to verbalize her Christmas wish list. It was short and sweet this year - a purple unicorn pillow pet (who is the behind the scenes person who created this ridiculous $20 item that is being sold at even the most obscure places (Petsmart among them) who is making a mint?) and her own ice cream maker. A big thank-you to the increased advertisements this time of year. Santa fell short on fulfilling her request as he did NOT deliver on the ice cream maker.

Little man didn't have any special requests this year. He would have been happy with a big bag of sugar! We learned in quick order that receiving clothing as a gift does not please the child. He quickly became a little dude with a big tude!

Our only minor disappointments this year with our visit to Bass Pro was Mrs. Clauss was not present and this old green pickup truck wasn't decked out in greenery and lights like it was this past year. It still makes for a cute picture of my two munchkins though.

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