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Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Months Old

"Who me??!!??"

"What? That can't be. 5 months! Get out of town. Here we go with the camera again."

This month we visited GG in Springfield, spent Memorial Day at the Kansas City zoo, attended a T-Bones baseball game, have gone to many neighborhood barbecues and social gatherings (you aren't a fan of mommy enjoying the occasional glass of wine, margarita, daiquiri, etc. It makes your tummy upset the following day. Poor girl!). We introduced you to the swimming pool this past week and you proved to be a Hicks through and through. You LOVED it! Your hair is showing growth. I am a fan of the faux hawk look (please don't hate me for that in your teen years) since Daddy loathes the adorable headbands you sport. You recently starting rolling over again after taking a break from doing so for several weeks. You now roll from front to back as well as back to front. You do the funniest thing by arching your body and scooting across the floor on your back. You have backed yourself into the wall, dresser & fireplace several times now and aren't too happy when you come to a stop by abruptly bumping your head. Unfortunately, you don't show much interest in bearing weight on your legs so I don't foresee an early walker in you. Your siblings walked right at one year, so time will tell if you follow suit.

You drool .... all.the.time. as this picture shows. The onesie sticker didn't stand a chance longer than the two minutes it took me to snap these pictures. Your days are filled with lots of smiling, laughing and squealing {I say you are singing us a sweet song}, and sleeping. Oh glorious sleep. You adore your Aden & Anais muslin blanket and your new found love for your pacifier at nap time. You are an AMAZING sleeper and for this I am so thankful!! You take a great morning nap and a ginormous afternoon nap followed by a mini snooze in the early evening, then bedtime around 8:30pm. You still sleep through the night, PRAISE THE GOOD LORD, and wake anywhere from 5:45 - 7. It is at this time that I tuck you under my arm, nurse you and lavish you in a hundred kisses. It makes it difficult for Mommy to get out bed and tend to Gabi and Dawson when you are sleeping like an angel next to me. You still room in with Mommy and Daddy in the pack-n-play bassinet. Call us selfish, but neither of us want to see you move to your nursery. Your bubby has taken to playing a little MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting with you. He loves to roll around with you on the ground and frequently lays atop of you and gets right up in your grill (face) and tells you through gritted teeth how cute you are and how much he loves you. Sissy is still in mini mom mode. She runs to snatch you up when you wake, is attempting to perfect diaper changes, has an opinion about what you wear and talks about how the two of you are going to grow up to be the best of friends.

We love you B-BEG!!
Diapers size 1 transitioning into size 2
Clothing 0-3 month and/or 3-6 month
Weight 14 lbs according to our Weight Watchers digital scale


Anonymous said...

The pictures are ADORABLE. Love them! She's the sweetest thing ever. Mema

Little Momma said...

so cute! so so cute! makes me want another!

Megan said...

love her inquisitive looks at the camera, and the drool face pic! so adorable! hard to believe she's 5 mo. already.