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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Blue Swirl Give Away

Calling all blog readers
Are there any of you left out there?
Where is the love family/friends?
PLEASE leave me a comment once in awhile.
It makes this girl happy.
Just saying.
Now about that give away.
Go here to enter to win a $40 credit to my friend Chelsea's etsy shop The Blue Swirl. She just might be the cutest girl ever. With the cutest smile. And has a hubby with the most infectious smile OF.ALL.TIMES. Chels, if you are reading this, I may or may not have just stalked your blog for the past hour or more. Why, you ask? Because I have a peanut who is so off her sleep schedule today, who has had two ginormous blow outs followed up by FIVE glorious bouts of chunky, smelly vomit. Yep, that's why. AND I bathed her this morning. Waste o' time I tell ya. Stinky girl. Here I sit with little miss tucked away on my lap giddy for you that you are capturing your most recent dream to put your name on something you are proud of calling your own. Here is to hoping your shop is a success and that it brings you much delight. Now for that give away. PICK ME!!

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