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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PreSchool Park Celebration

I feel as if this statement is on repeat here on the blog, but life happens and I am once again playing a little catch up on posts. My two oldest monkey's closed out their school year this past week. Dawson entered Heartland Early Childhood Center mid year as a peer model in the morning program (ages 3 & 4). He loved it from day 1 and was disappointed when he realized the summer break was here and that meant no more school until the Fall. He still wakes us each morning with the same question, "Is today a home day or a school day?" I guess he is having a difficult time understanding the summer is longer than just a handful of days.
Last Monday I had the opportunity to join Dawson and his class at Oregon Trails Park near his school for an end of year field trip. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time mingling with the parents, closing out conversations with his teacher, interacting with D & his classmates and doing plenty of playing on the equipment myself all while keeping up with little miss who was in tow.
Ayana (or Sassy as Dawson often times referred to her) fell in love with McKenna. 
I had to throw this picture in because I am that mom that allows her baby child the freedom to roam the playground and play at her own choosing.  One of the school employees was frequently seen monitoring her climbing the structure, going down the slide or doing this (see picture above) anytime she got "too close" to the children spinning and such.
Dawson will return to Heartland this Fall in the afternoon program with his assistant teacher, Ms. Andrea, as his new lead teacher.
A note to Boo,
Your Daddy and Mommy love you and your feisty temperament at this age despite the fact that that same feisty temperament gets under our skin on occasion. We are proud of the progress you have made this school semester with your color, shape & letter recognition. Ms. Christie shared how proud she was of your social advancement and willingness to act with kindness to everyone & your acceptance of each classmate as a friend. I want to remember your shear stance on picking out and dressing yourself daily much to my dismay at times; how you would place your backpack on your back and sit in the front room watching for your bus only to squeal when it pulled up, throw your arms around my neck in an embrace, you'd share a quick kiss and run like mad to get on the bus with a smile plastered on your face day after day (I never tired of watching you load onto the bus); how each day when I picked you up, you immediately asked if you could have a play date before I ever had a chance to ask about your day at school; how willing you were to take a nap on days that I ask you to; and most importantly how excited you were every day when Gabrielle would return home from school so you had your very favorite frenemy {friend and enemy for the grandparents) to play with!

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