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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer is in Full SWING

School is out for summer and that means having more time with the kids at home without the obligatory running to and from school, school activities and homework. We have been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather that we have been having by spending unlimited amounts of time outdoors. The kids spend countless hours in the backyard playing Clover Land {a club that they created and have expanded over the Spring) and running wildly being creative in their play. Our family was just recently introduced to a wonderful new park nearby called Black Hoof park and! It is spacious with 3 separate playground areas, lots of benches and picnic areas, walking trails, a shelter house, bathrooms and best of all surrounds beautiful Lake Lenexa. We look forward to a new found fishing area this summer.
(Check out the intensity of the look on Dawson's face in the background. That's my boy! Always in his big sister's shadow)
I took these pictures on our 2nd visit there the weekend prior to Memorial Day. Travis was working and the weather was too perfect not to be outdoors so we picked up Papa and Mema and headed out for some park enjoyment.
This little miss amazes us with how independent and carefree she is. She is proving to be more determined than ever to not allow her size to slow her down from being where the big kids are and doing everything they do. The pool this summer is sure to be a challenge :)
Here she is smiling from ear to ear at her silly Papa whom she loves immensely.
And here the whole posse is together getting in some laughs on the slide. 
Summer is my favorite time of year, despite the unbearable heat at times, because it is when lots of fun memories are made! This is just the beginning!

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