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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Dozen Down and a Lifetime More to Go

July 7th, 2000 marked not only my 25th birthday, but the day that Travis and I said "I do" to a lifetime commitment to marriage.
This was one of our "wedding" pictures taken by a high school friend at the time of our post wedding reception in my hometown of Primghar, Iowa.  
For those of you reading that may not know we were married in Las Vegas so there wasn't a traditional formal wedding.
My 37th birthday/our 12th anniversary fell on a Saturday this year and my parents and my sister {in-law) gifted us their time to keep the kiddos so we had the entire afternoon and evening to ourselves. Hubs planned out the day and honestly I wouldn't have a changed a thing. It was perfect! Our first stop was at the golf pro shop at a beautiful course Travis had won a tournament at previously. He had a gift certificate burning a hole in his pocket so he chose a few new golf essentials and we were off to the Parma Woods shooting range. This was my first time handling or shooting a gun and I assure you it will not be the last. I really enjoyed learning the technique of loading the gun, proper handling, shooting, etc. Not to boast, but I was a pretty darn good shot for a newbie! We spent the remainder of the afternoon at The Springs Aquatic Center in the Northland. We had a ball relaxing in the lazy river, ripping our back to shreds on the water slides, polishing our teen year skills on the high dive, people watching and best of all just being together sans kids.
We cleaned up after swimming and had a great dinner out at Red Lobster. 
Lobsterita anyone? 
I made the mistake of googling how many calories you consume when drinking one of these. 
Any guesses? 
We ended the evening at the Argosy Casino. It's funny how age can change a past time to an extent. It wasn't long before we concluded that we aren't so into walking around an ash tray feeding our hard earned money into cash eating machines that rarely pay back. We did have some laughs and made $25 stretch quite a ways.
This may have been an anniversary date on a dime, but I'm so thankful for our time "away." It was such a fun time filled with laughter, reminiscing and reconnecting.


Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a fun night on the town for your special day. Congratulations!!!! Love MOM

Megan Anderson said...