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Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo Dump

Recent happenings captured via my IPhone
Our little man enjoying some sunshine on the swing set
We had the privilege of watching Benjamin {Morris} while his Daddy interviewed for a urology position here in the KC area. He was offered the job and will be moving back here from Philadelphia next year! That means more visits from Matt, Mo & baby bundle and G'ma Barb & G'pa Terry! Can you sense our excitement?!
Daddy being his silly self modeling a "Buddhalicious" tee shirt while he and Mommy were on a date night. We love frequenting Good Will, thrift shops & antique stores on occasion. This particular night was fruitful for us. Daddy found a vintage golf print, some Callaway golf shorts and I found some Anthro capris, Ann Taylor capris & Janie and Jack denim overalls for MJ as well as a few other randoms.
This is baby girls new trick. When she is thirsty she proceeds to do everything in her power to open the frig door including climbing the frig :) And on a side note - girlfriend is strong!
Gabrielle finished out her summer school session with a program put on by her Broadway Lights class. The performance was of "Lights! Camera! Action!: A Musical Review Featuring Songs from the Movies of Today!" Her 1st grade teacher, Mr. Herrig, joined us for the performance. Gabi beamed when she saw him!
Summer has been hot! Brutally hot so I've been trying to scheme up a few simple "craft" projects to keep the kids entertained. This day it was homemade playdoh. It turned out great and kept the kids busy for a good bit of time. It stores in the refrigerator so it will be interesting to see how long it stays good for.
This picture shows baby girls love of several things: 1st off looking adorable; being where her Daddy is at (the garage in this instance); and her obsession with shoes. She is rockin' my New Balance tennis shoes my mom scored for me.
This is what I am reading right now. It's not Charles Martin, but it's good stuff.
Lynee treated me to my first EVER pedicure for my birthday this past week. I went wanting a red polish and ended up going with a cobalt blue. It's different, but fun. And no I didn't get an instatan (I wish), it's the change in lighting.
And lastly this little beauty is now officially 7 1/2. It doesn't seem possible to me, but alas it is so. Aunt Linda and Paigie bought her this fun skirt and adorable cardigan for back to school. She wasted no time before modeling it for us.
I'm so thankful for the accessibility of my phone camera as it makes capturing the everyday moments so convenient and I have been thee worst about getting out my Canon.


Mo said...

I really hope Travis decided to purchase the shirt :)

Audra said...

Love the picture of Benj and Dawson! So cute. Thanks again for taking such good care of him.

Chelsea said...

Ooh, how do you like that book?

Yay for a pedicure!