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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Me & Little Miss

Well hello! This little blog break of mine hasn't been intentional. I've just been occupying my time with other things. You know like relishing in the peace & quiet of the afternoons while #1 & #2 are off at school and baby girl is fast asleep; catching up on reading (I'm currently doing two Bible study plans via You Version, a Beth Moore Bible study with the women's ministry at church, a marriage growth group study & reading another marriage related book with my mentor. That equals a lot of reading!); doing LOTS of childcare; cleaning, purging & reorganizing the playroom, laundry room & Gabrielle's bedroom; and most importantly enjoying this little ball of fire.
McKenna maneuvers her way into the exercauser and does one of two things. She either bounces like a mad child which creates an unbelievable level of noise or she spins herself dizzy twisting herself round and round. I caught a short little clip on video the other day because it really is a sight to see. If I were on top of things I would post the clip here. Use your imagination.
She has SO much personality for such a little thing. She is a going to be a trouble maker fo'sure. We can't seem to keep her off of the kitchen table and island and she is constantly getting into drawers, closets, oh and the most fun - the toilet. Gross! She'll even find stray razors and chew on them. True story. She continues to be a terrific eater and has mastered hitting the pantry door whilst demanding "Snack, please!" until we oblige.
How can you say no to these beautiful blue eyes? This momma finds it difficult to do.
These pictures are over a month old, but I wanted to include this photo to show how much her hair has grown. It is a mop of curls when it is wet. She is thee absolute cutest with a high ponytail or pigtails, but we don't do it often as they don't last.  
Baby girl,
My love for you is a crazy one! You are such a joy and delight. I lay in bed at night and often say to your daddy how I wished I could go into your room and swoop you up to snuggle in bed with us because I am not one bit eager for you to grow out of being a baby. Some of my current favorites with you are singing the B.I.B.L.E. song, the ABC's and most recently teaching you to count. You don't have the vocabulary that your siblings had at your age, but you have more than your fair share of words. You have started calling me "Mommy" versus "Momma" and my heart melts a little each time I hear you say it. You've also begun to call Gabrielle "Gabi" and call out for her often. Dawson is now "Daw" or "Bubby" instead of bubba and Micah has become "Maa." If I were to ask your Mema what her favorite thing is right now she would say when she sings to you, you press your head tight into her chest as if you are listening to the words from her heart versus those coming out of her mouth. You love loud music and dancing, food and Quila. Oh Quila ... if we had a quarter for every time you say her name, your college fund would be fat :) You are fiercely independent, fun loving, smiling and belly laughing most of the time but in keeping things real ... 
 When you get mad ...
You let it be known!
Love you Sunshine!! Forever and Always!


Lynee said...

Love it!! I think those blue eyes are totally gorgeous!! I think they would look so fabulous next to Little Bear's brown eyes - don't ya think?

Phyllis said...

What a beautiful baby. Those blue eyes do melt your heart. Thank you for sharing all the photos of M.J. Kiss her for this grandma. Love, GiGi