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Friday, September 21, 2012

Meadow Lane Jogathon 2012

Gabi participated in her elementary school's annual Jogathon fund raiser event and her very first Spirit Squad performance on Tuesday night.Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of her Spirit Squad performance. I did intend to video it as Travis had to work BUT the video camera battery was completely dead and the video clip I did manage to take with my phone a goliath of a girl was standing right in front of her blocking her.
Our 2nd grade beauty running her heart out. She had a difficult time this year due to her allergies and associated asthmatic cough. She did her best while not pushing herself too hard.
A concerned Papa encouraged Gabs to take a break for a drink of water. Gabrielle enjoyed having Papa join her on a several laps. They walked them because of Papa's bad knee.
Little Miss was right in the mix of all the action. She didn't miss the opportunity to keep up with the bigs on the playground equipment, watch all the girls perform with the Spirit Squad or join in the running during the jogathon. She was right in the middle of it all. Maybe a little too much so :)
Gabrielle with her amazing teacher, Ms. Mary Williams.

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