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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Embrace the Camera: February 7, 2013

This is a regular occurrence in our household. If Daddy has the day off of work or a shift that allows him the majority of his morning at home with us, Dawson is quick to inquire if they can build Legos together.
We don't have any fancy Lego storage system in place {yet}, so a plastic shoe box suffices to store all the tiny pieces and instructional guides. 
McKenna sat as good as could be and entertained herself with a little make shift car and 2 Legos guys. She is never too far from where the action is!
Do you build Legos with your kids? I personally find it therapeutic. I'm definitely more of a "build per the instructions" versus free build however :)

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Phyllis said...

This is the 3rd time I have tried to write a note. Daddy and Dawson are also building a great relationship. And having fun with the lego's. M.J. is cute also. Love, MOM & GG