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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ernie Miller Nature Park Field Trip

Little Man had his preschool Spring field trip to Ernie Miller Nature Park on Monday, April 1st. I realize that was a month ago but life happens and the days slip by in the blink of an eye, so here I am logging our time together in early May. Better late, then never :)
This was Dawson's expression when he walked into the Nature Center and saw that I was joining him. I know he is mine, but I love this kid! I love his fierce independence, his often times boyish personality & play antics, his willingness to share lots hugs and kisses and the fact that he still remains my baby boy. My Boo. 
The teachers guided them on a walk throughout the center hitting each site and feature allowing the kids to ask questions and take it all in. They then took part in a meet and greet with this wonderful volunteer and several of the rescue animals - a turtle, a bird and the star of the day, Henrietta the beautiful rabbit. They sang songs and played a really cute game. It was very apparent that the kids enjoyed themselves.
This is D's 2nd year Heartland Early Childhood Center class (minus Gloria)
From left to right: Connor, Jonah, Keelan, Kai, Brandon, Molly, Celes, Macy, Dexter, Jeremiah & Dawson
This photo is the icing on the cake for this momma. Dawson has had a little crush on Macy since the beginning of the school year. Her mom has said many times that she is one spunky little girl FULL of sass. It seems she draws several of her boy classmate's attention :) It brings me full circle to when Gabrielle was the same age and had a larger than life crush on her preschool mate, Logan Meyers. Young love. Oye!

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