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Sunday, May 26, 2013

There was a little girl ...

Travis worked a couple of weekends ago and Papa was off on a car run so Mema and I loaded up the kids and spent the morning at the City Market. We purchased the expected goods including honey, salsa, produce, fresh flower bouquets, etc. but also spent an equal amount of time enjoying the artisan booths and products. Gabrielle's dream catcher had become so tattered and in a state of disarray that she decided to replace it with a new vibrant colored one. We concluded our outing with a purchase at a mom and pop sales tent (forgive me, I don't know their company name at this time). They sell hair accessories, marshmallow shooters, larger than life bubble blowers, bow & arrow sets and the likes. The business owner asked Gabi is she cared to model his crown technique in order to help him drive sales. And of note, a large crowd gathered and he made multiple sales from investing the 10 minutes into her hair so it was a win, win.  
Here is view of the top
And side view
The crown upheld a gymnastics birthday party Saturday afternoon, church on Sunday and school on Monday before we removed it for one more day of fabulous hair! 
See pictures below :) 
When I removed the hair accessory the curls were so tight I wasn't sure what to make of it, but when I took a wide tooth comb and brushed it through it I was a little gaga over the results. I'm hopeful that with patience and practice that I might be able to replicate the crown technique and resulting curls. 
Who recalls this nursery rhyme from their childhood? 
There was a little girl 
Who had a little curl 
Right in the middle of her forehead. 
And when she was good 
She was very, very good 
But when she was bad She was horrid! 
{I much prefer this verse} 
Then one day that little girl 
Brushed away that little curl 
Away from the middle of her forehead 
Now she is good 
She is very, very good 
And nobody thinks she is horrid!

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Anonymous said...

That was so much fun watching the fellow make her hair so beautiful, glitter included! Lets do a city market run again sometime soon! Mom