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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sporting Tykes

We finally bit the bullet and signed Dawson up for his 1st organized sports activity - Sporting Tykes Soccer through the Olathe YMCA. Our neighbor facilitated coaching and sent out an inquiry regarding interest in participation from kids within the neighborhood. It was fun for Dawson to team up with Leah Brunner, Madelyn Scott, Cole Burris & AJ Nickel from the n'hood.
I took this picture the night of his first practice. I think it is apparent that he was stoked to say the least! We were hesitant how Dawson would do since his only other exposure to soccer was a two hour clinic he attended last Spring. In short, our fears were very quickly curbed. He owned it! 
He was great at advancing the ball, 
playing defense & being goalie. 
When it was game time, Dawson turned it on and went full force until the final whistle was blown. He was action packed and took the game very seriously. 
Where he really shined was running the ball up field and scoring! 
{A shout out to Cecil Carder for the above two images}
A final team shot at the season's close. 
Madelyn and Cole are absent from the photo. 
We're looking forward to future soccer experiences with our little man but for now we've moved on to T-Ball :)

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