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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The School Year comes to a Close

School is out for summer and that means one thing to me. More time with my kids which equates to making memories intermingled with times of complete madness and mayhem. I've really been anticipating this summer as Little Miss is at such an incredibly fun age. She is old enough to be independent in a lot of areas and is always, always following in her older siblings footsteps which makes for quite the adventure at times. Picture a 2 year old determined to master a razor scooter, dribble a basketball, jump rope, enter any activity and she is making her best attempt to keep up with the older two's antics.
Gabi on her last day of 2nd grade
Noah Eckert and Gabrielle
We are really looking forward to checking things off our summer fun bucket list.
In reality I'm sure a lot of this ^^^^^^ will be happening this summer.
Goofing around in addition to fighting and making up, lots of popsicles and sweet treats, bubbles and sidewalk chalk, playdoh, parks and pool play!
When I look at these pictures of our children I feel incredibly blessed. They can be loud, disobedient, disrespectful, messy, picky eaters, stubborn and strong headed. Yes, they can be all of these things, but they are absolutely beautiful in my eyes and they are mine! 

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Phyllis said...

I just read all your blog, and the pictures of the children really help me to see their beauty and progress. Thanks so much for helping me stay connected. Love, GIGI