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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving Lake Life

Thursday was the piece de resistance of our family staycation.
My oldest brother, Brett, and his family purchased a lake front property at Lake Lotawana this past year and have been working feverishly to refurbish/remodel it. Travis, myself and the kids have an enormous love for lake life so are SO very excited about spending time and making memories at their home.
The view from the dock of the screened in porch and deck house below
The view across the lake
We spent a great amount of time fishing from the dock. By we, I mean minus me :) I was supervising and making sure Little Miss didn't get herself tangled in the fishing line, get caught on a hook or take a plunge into the water below. She was everyone's #1 cheerleader and supporter.
The fish were biting which kept everyone entertained. The guys (Papa, Brett, Derek & Travis) couldn't bait the lines fast enough. Everyone was throwing their lines and reeling in the catch.
Tyler (the oldest of 10 grandchildren and my oldest nephew) drove in from the city. I love this kid deeply. I heart that he still allows me to mug on him at the age of 22.
He is incredible with all the kids but took a shining to MJ while the older kids were fishing and skipping rocks.
My two beautiful sister-in-laws Teri (green) and Linda (khaki).
The hubs, aka Daddy-O
I wish this picture were zoomed in, but Travis went on the tube with the bigs and they were having a grand ole' time UNTIL they hit a big wake and Travis let go (intentionally) and the bigs came crashing into the water wall. There was screaming and lashing of teeth. OK, not really, but there were some tears and an abrupt decision that they were done tubing for the afternoon.
You can see the the look of distress on Ms. G's face here. This post wouldn't have been complete without a picture of Leo so I had to include it :)
Mema and McKenna Jane
Tyler surprised Papa with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake to celebrate his birthday. We had already had plenty of good eats and sweet treats throughout the day, but if you're a DuBay, you ALWAYS have room for ice cream!!!!!
As the sun began to set the kids migrated back to the dock for some evening fishing. I posted this picture to Instagram with the well known quote "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." We are SO blessed to have a Papa, a Daddy and extended family who teach us these concepts and pour into us!

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