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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Family Staycation

I'm so far behind in documenting our family happenings! I really have no excuse other than life is passing by at warp speeds. It's mid July already and the kids return to school in four short weeks.
Let me stop and take that in a moment.
Back to business.
Our family enjoyed a staycation in early June. My brother Derek and family left Birmingham on an extended vacation and their 1st stop was here to KC to spend a few days with us all. We had a super FUN FILLED week of activities. I was horrible about photo documentation but captured a few moments thanks to my iPhone and minimal camera use.
Monday: We spent the better part of the day at the Kansas City Zoo. We arrived early in the day and packed a picnic lunch. The weather was perfect and the animals showings were good to us. The polar bear, Sky Safari, hippos and the carousel were all big hits.
Tuesday: Our sweet friend generously provided us a guest pass to Science City at Union Station. My nephews are used to a state of the art science center in Birmingham called the McWane Science Center so I was a bit leery how they would receive our city's exhibit. I needn't have worried as everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. We only lost McKenna twice. What!? T'is true. That little turkey escaped 5 adults watchful eyes not once, but twice.
All the kids took turns in the Science of Energy "hampster wheel." 
{even MJ made a valiant effort to create energy} 
Dylan was the only one tall enough to ride the Sky Bike. 
We took a lunch break and ate at Fritz at Crown Center. 
The boys were enamored with the railway method of food delivery.
You can catch a glimpse of our 4 adorable nephews behind Gabi and Dawson. 
Derek and Logan 
Wednesday: Our plans were diverted by the rains so we all loaded up and went to see The Croods and picked up Papa Murphys Take and Bake for lunch. That evening everyone came up to our house for supper and dessert pizza. 
Connor and Dawson

My favorite memories from this week were definitely getting to meet my beautiful baby nephew Trevor for the 1st time.  I wanted to wrap him up and keep him for myself!
He was born in September 2011 - 8 months after McKenna Jane -  so meeting him was a sweet moment; gathering in our parents family room and playing Catch Phrase laughing until I cried; spending Thursday with the entire DuBay family minus Danielle and Paige.

Thursday: Our staycation was rounded out with a day spent at the lake. I'll share about our time there in the following post. 

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