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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa!

After many failed attempts at uploading a hysterical, pee your pants,  iPhone video of my Dad being serenaded wildst ice cream is smeared across his face I'm reduced to documenting the event with a couple of snapshots.
Papa turned 69 waaay back in early June (told you I was behind in my documenting of our daily happenings). We were in hopes of dining at a brand new Mexican restaurant in Olathe but arrived only to find out their grand opening was delayed due to a hold up in obtaining the necessary liquor license. We drove a short distance up the road and settled on Chapala's. It did not disappoint! The food was SO good, the peach margarita unbeatable and the entertainment memorable!! The kids were wonderfully behaved and ate great which was the icing on the cake.
Papa after being serenaded and cleaning up his face ready to dive into the frozen chocolate drizzled goodness. 
Boo cheesing trying on the sombrero for size.
Gabs relishing every shared bite of the delicious dessert.
And Little Miss .... while she was thoroughly enjoying the excitement wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome memories! We will have to do this again when Trav can join us - maybe someone else's birthday?