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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

McKenna - isms

It's been a while since I last updated and for the record I do have "Update Blog" permanently written on my to do list but it never seems to be made priority.  McKenna is currently saying so many adorable things that I wanted to take 5 minutes to record. Also, what better way to display a small handful of recent pics of her?
  • When asked who's girl she is, she will always, always answer with "Mema's girl!"
  • She will ask where is Gabrielle and "My boy?" referring to Dawson which I think takes the cake for cuteness. 
  • She frequently talks in 1st person using her name rather than I. For example "McKenna's going to school" or "McKenna wants a snack." 
  • Buckling in the car{seat} can be a source of frustration at times so we often give her the choice of being buckled in her 5 point or Dawson's in the rear of the van. Often times she will attempt to seat herself in the high back booster seat and when reprimanded she will respond with "It's against the law, right?" and then proceed to move into the appropriate seat.
  • In true stinker fashion, she will tell others "My Mom/Dad/Mema said yes" to something that is an obvious no (another piece of candy, etc)
  • When she wants your full attention and feels as if she isn't being afforded it she will yell "Listen! Listen!" to ensure all ears are on her. 
  • If you attempt to put her to bed without her getting satisfactory cuddle time in with her Daddy, you can forget it. I can go through the effort of tucking her in and she will bounce up and say "I didn't cuddle (wish I had her sweet voice recorded saying this) with my Daddy" even if she'd been snuggled in bed next to him for the previous 10 minutes :) It is assured she will say no to bed if the cuddling doesn't happen nightly.
  • And the #1 heard McKenna-ism is making a statement immediately followed by a loud "Right!?" with a crescendo at the end of RIGHT. 
This wee one has us ALL wrapped around her little finger. She is a source of DAILY smiles & belly laughs mixed with frustrations & the opportunity to grow in our parenting. I recall scrapping a layout when Dawson was this age titled "Little Dude, Big Tude" and this girl tops it. She has a mind of her own. She knows what she wants and will go to lengths to get it.
Do we have another strong willed child on our hands? I don't chose to label her that but I will say she stretches my patience all while causing me to become even deeper in love with her. I am smitten with being her mommy.
Little Miss, I love you more today than yesterday! You cause me to never, ever want you to grow up. I can't replace the baby/toddler that you once were. I long to keep you bottled up at this age for forever but also am so excited to watch you blossom into a young lady like your sis'. Thank you for being OUR McKenna Jane Hicks. 
Big Mommy squeeze to you sugie. No one could ever replace you!

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Phyllis said...

Thank you for all the comments and pictures. M.J. is adorable, I think she looks a lot like Gabrielle at her age. Grandpa Dallas thought Gabi was the berries. I remember him telling baby Dawson, he would take him fishing. Of course, McKenna was not yet a twinkle in your eye--He would have loved her too. Love to all.
, GiGi