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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Apple Butter Makin' Days

Several weeks ago (3 to be exact) the kids had Friday off of school so Travis took a personal day and we made a mini vacation of sorts out of our three day weekend. We traveled South to GG's house in Springfield. Thursday morning we drove to Mt. Vernon, Mo to experience Apple Butter Makin' Days.
What is Apple Butter Makin' Days about? 
Well ...
If you mustache {must ask - ha!} - hat purchased from the sweetest couple who made beautiful monogrammed pillow cases, hats, et al. 
It is one of Missouri's most popular festivals filled with cooking apple butter on the courtyard lawn 
Don't mind the complete stranger who swooped up Little Miss as if she was his own grandchild, talking to her and explaining the whole apple butter making process.
Rows and rows of craft and trade booths with amazing artistry, textile goods, home decor and SO much more. I'm still kicking myself for not purchasing a fun, original Halloween painted plank and an amazing coffee sack cross body purse. The above "craft" is one we all got a chuckle from. 
Face painting done affordably!
 Live entertainment AND the fOOd!!
We gorged on foot long hot dogs, pizza, corn on the cob, lemonade and of course funnel cake!
What is a festival or fair without funnel cake?
And more so, what is Apple Butter Makin' Days without leaving with a jar of fresh, sweet made Apple Butter? Yummmm!!
Aunt Shari bought the girls these cute halos made from pipe cleaners, tinsel & ribbon. Ms. G looks pretty stinkin' cute wearing it if I do say so myself. 

Stay tuned for day 2 of our fun :)

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