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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ruthledge-Wilson Family Farm Fall Fest

Day 2 of our mini vacation took us to the Ruthledge-Wilson Family Farm Community Park in Springfield. What a wonderful gift to the community this free 207 acre farm is! We were so glad to get to spend the day with Aunt Pam, Aunt Shari, Christy, Mandy and their gang joining us for the fun.
 Daddy and his family - Aunt Pam, GG & Aunt Shari
Dawson, Gabrielle, McKenna, Hayes (Bud's son), Addison (Christy's daughter) & Cash (Mandy's son
It was rather hysterical trying to get six kids all looking at the camera, much less smile! 
This picture shows their personalities best anyway :)
Smiles for the win!!
Had this picture been just a few weeks later Christy's new baby would have made 7 kids. 
Our dynamic trio 
We took a hayride and attempted a loooong corn maze with only half the gang successfully completing it. We found an escape for the tiring GG & preggo Christy. 
The kids LOVED playing on the fantastic play equipment and climbing walls; enjoyed seeing all the animals; walking the barn and experiencing milking the simulated cow but their favorite attraction and one they displayed MUCH patience in waiting for was the human sling (I have no idea the actual name for this contraption) but it was a hit! The kids laughed and giggled and cheered each other on, but when their turn was over their demeanor quickly turned to outward disappointment in not being successful in doing a front or back flip like they had so hoped to do. 
McKenna spent thee entire time (an hour or more) sliding down the jumbo slide face first and jumping until her heart was content in the bounce house while the "big" kids waited in line for the sling. She would sneak away momentarily to share a hug or rock on someones lap on the porch swing. 
We were so thankful for perfect weather and for a fantastic time with family!

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