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Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Parched} Pumpkin Patch

We picked a beautiful Saturday afternoon in late October and made the short drive to Schaake's  in Lawrence for our annual visit to the pumpkin patch. 
I snapped the obligatory photo 1st thing
How much fun would it be to carve that pumpkin above? OK, maybe not gutting it but carving it - shoot yeah!
Little Miss loved! this lion spring toy which occupied her while the bigs waited in line for the pumpkin launch nearby.
 Both kids gave it a valiant effort to hit a target.
 This child cracks me up! It's as if she is preparing to hike a pumpkin through her legs.
 Followed by her stance after commanding her sissy and her boy to "Come on!"
These photos speak volumes as to why I titled this post parched pumpkin patch. The kids were sports and walked rows and rows of patches in search of the perfect pumpkin to no avail. There were a handful of small green or yellow pumpkins and an assortment of flat white pumpkins which we all liked but not a one "acceptable" "pretty" orange carving pumpkin was to be found.
We did leave with a small assortment of pumpkins including a rather nice, large orange pumpkin (not pictured) that we selected from the pre-picked sale area. 
Travis & Papa were working this particular weekend so Mema accompanied us. More pictures to come in an ETC post. 

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