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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hall Bath Refresh

Our hall bathroom primarily serves as the kids bath. For the first 4+ years we lived in this home the walls remained the builders blah beige color.  We did little more than add a couple small fun art prints from Target and a striped shower curtain and called it good. Fast forward to my brother and sister-in-laws recent moving sale and this bath·tub plank art gave us the necessary push for a quick bath refresh. 
This could also read:
n. A vessel which receives overuse from one certain 3 year old toddler who takes up residence here multiple times in any given day
{no.lie! the child is bath obsessed}
Here is a quick view from the door straight ahead. 
The walls received a fresh coat of Behr Water Mark paint. 
I replaced the previous shower curtain with a simple white waffle weave that I scored somewhere along the way for $1. 
This white apothecary cabinet has been stored in our basement since the move in October 2009. I couldn't bring it upon myself to sell it and I'm so glad I didn't because it has found new life again.
Since taking these pictures I've since purchased new white hand towels and wash clothes to replace the previous creme & yellow colored ones. 
Our long term goals for this space are to replace the lighting & linoleum flooring as well as either add wainscoting or tile detailing on the walls. I'd also love to remove the mirror and replace with two separate beveled mirrors OR trim the mirror out similar to in our previous home. 
We replaced the previous over the door towel hooks with IKEA hooks we had on hand.
Note to self - Gabrielle needs a white hooded towel to match the others :)
{Yes, she is 9 and still uses her hooded towels. Read that as astronomical return on investment.} 
I bought several rug options from JCPenney but when I stumbled upon this set at Aldi for $9.99 I didn't blink an eye before returning the much more expensive options in place of the disposable affordable option.  
The last facelift I'd like for this bath is to receive is to paint the cabinetry. Our builder used very nice quality cabinets throughout the house but they are beginning to show water wear in this bath as evidenced by this photo. 

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