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Friday, March 21, 2014

Office Overhaul

What started as a playroom overhaul led to me tackling our home office area.
This IKEA GLIS storage box is the culprit for my fit of organizational rage.
I had seen people using tackle boxes on Pinterest for battery storage so when the GLIS box was no longer in use in the playroom I grabbed it knowing it would be perfect for the job.
That simple 5 minute task of removing batteries from packaging and sorting by size led to this.
I really wish I had taken a before picture because although this picture is a hot mess of office supplies it was quite organized {in a not very appealing to the eye kind of way}. 
A quick trip to Dollar General and WalMart for the white storage baskets and drawers & an hour or less later and I had this.

Item Sources:
The fabric storage cubes were a garage sale find and were previously used to house puzzles and craft kits, the metal box is from my SIL and the two slim wicker baskets on the bottom shelf were purchased at Pier 1 Imports years ago. The multi colored mesh storage on the middle shelf are from IKEA and have been used and abused hard and have held up like new. 
 I printed out labels and ran them through my laminator before cutting and attaching with velcro.
This area in our kitchen packs a big punch with storage. 
It houses all our technology related disks and cords, vitamins and medications, flashlights & other miscellaneous items in the far left; batteries, camera and video equipment & bill related info in the middle and a large assortment of office supplies on the far right. 

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