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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Special Mom - A Mother's Day tribute by Dawson

My mother is the most wonderful Mom in the world.
She is as pretty as roses.
She weighs 30 lbs and is 1 foot tall.
Her favorite food is pancakes.
In the old days, when my mother was little, she used to do what normal babies do.
I think Mom looks funny when she changes my sister's diaper.
Please note she is fully potty trained and diaper changes are so last year :)
My mother is happy when we clean.
^^^ AMEN! ^^^
I wish Mom would snuggle with me everyday.
I wouldn't trade my mother for a piece of junk.
I'm so glad to know I'm valued more than a piece of junk. Rolling in laughter!

Top Five Reasons Why I love My Mom

  1. My Mom gives me hugs and kisses
  2. I love my Mom
  3. My Mom loves me
  4. I love my family
  5. My Dad is awesome 
{I'm not so sure how #5 describes the top five reasons why he loves ME, but we will roll with it}

- My Mom -
My Mom is good.
She likes to give me hugs and kisses.
She always cleans.
Sometimes she takes me to the pool.
But the best thing about my Mom is she gives me hugs and kisses.

Happy Mother's Day!

Keepers for sure!
I want to remember these sweet, yet hilarious "love notes" from my Boo.
I adore that his primary love language is so apparent in his answers given above. He is my little lover and professional snuggler. I often joke that he needs to stop making out with me or his Daddy will get jealous :) Secretly I hope his affections don't wane in the years to come. I love his genuine hugs and sweet kisses. I love when he crawls in bed with me and isn't satisfied until his arm is underneath my back and his head rested on my chest. I love that he never fails to profess his love for me when I tuck him in even when he is sour at me (or me with him). I love this boy of mine and where he fits in our family. He is rough & rowdy but soft & sappy at the same time and oh so cute! Man alive is he cute!

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Phyllis said...

So emotional, and spoken from Dawson's heart. He is the cutest guy around. GG