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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Silver Bullets Soccer

This little dude was so excited for the opportunity to participate in soccer again this Spring. Last year we signed him up with Sporting Tykes through the YMCA and it quickly became apparent that he loved the game. We knew this Spring we wanted him to be involved in a more "competitive" league so we chose Kansas Rush Soccer Club. The teams consist of six same age players. Dawson was fortunate to play with three other Meadow Lane Kindergartners as well as two boys from other area elementary schools. 
The red streaks under his eyes are NOT the latest in soccer accessory/fashion.
They're signs of the poor kid suffering terribly from allergies :( 
Dawson plays a mean game of defense but put the ball near him and he gives it his all! He is a hustler and has a fierce determination to win. He scored multiple goals within the season scoring two in his final game. 
Dawson, Brady, Caleb and Christiano
Missing from photo - Noah and Peyton
Meet team Silver Bullets {Christiano missing}. 
Quite possibly the cutest group of six year old boys in the JoCo area. These boys praticed and played with passion. They became fast friends and had a blast together! The coaches and parents are already in talks of getting them together over the summer for a BBQ and possible participation in a summer soccer camp. We are also in high hopes of playing together as a team again this Fall. 

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