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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun with Black & White

I wish my two precious peanuts would stay young forever. I simply love where they are at right now. Dawson is walking and exploring his world more and more each day. He adores his sister, is giddy over his Daddy and remains my little man. Gabrielle's personality continues to develop into the young woman she will one day become. She is strong and independent, creative, & imaginative. Her love for Jesus is displayed in what she says and does. Her daily prayer as of the past month or more is "Dear Jesus, please help my grandpa to get better. Make his legs strong so he can walk again. Praise our food {I don't know why she asks to praise the food instead of bless it}. Amen. We are working through a 31 day devotional book on patience (something both mother and child need to improve on). She lives for her Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions at the Britain Center. She loves all her friends she has made in class. The short time she is there allows me to run errands or spend one on one time with Dawson. I am always excited to pick her up and hear about her morning. So my present wish list for Christmas is a device to freeze time. Anyone know where to locate one?


Jenn said...

those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! you definitely have to enlarge those and hang 'em up for everyone to see! soooooo cute!
love, jenn

Rene' said...

these are awesome. who did these?