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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Kid!

Oh my child!! I think what I hear myself say more times than I care is "Please be quiet, brother is asleep." So today as we were making a co-effort of picking up her bedroom (post pep talk to be quiet because Dawson was in the next room sleeping) I hear those familiar words fall from lips yet again. Do you know what I heard back without one second of hesitation? "Mommy, I am loud because Jesus made me that way. I just talk loud!" Well ... that sure makes it forgivable then doesn't it? :0) She immediately started dancing around her room in nothing but her panties and tee-shirt singing Holy Moly Moly {Holy, Holy, Holy} along with the radio. I love that girl!!!

1 comment:

Jason & Rene said...

She's one smart cookie! a chip off the old block.
Missing you guys!

El Grouchy pants