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Monday, October 13, 2008

New "Toy" = New Tooth

Dawson's newest "play area" as of the past week is our bottom drawer in the master bathroom. He is a pro at opening it - child safety latch and all! He has emptied out the band aid box, shaken every pill bottle & found his new favorite toy {see below}.

He chewed on this toothbrush for an hour or more Thursday night and low and behold his 2nd tooth broke the skin. I know some of you are thinking nasty, unsafe, bad choice of toys BUT what makes him happy (within reason) makes Daddy and Mommy happy.

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April D. Hunt said...

So cute! I agree - if the kids are happy, so are the parents. Had to share that I noticed Dylan's first tooth poking through the surface the other day. Oh My Goodness! I can't believe it - only 6 weeks old.