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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Car Convo with My Girl

G: Mommy, I want you to go back to work. {stated very matter of fact}
Me: Why do you want me to go back to work?
G: So I can stay all day at my Mema and Papa's house. That's what Tatum does. She stays with her Grandma and Grandpa while Ms. Rene' and Mr. Jason work.
Me: Mommy does work. I take care of you and Dawson. I like staying home with you and baby brother. Won't you miss me if I am gone at work?
G: Uh, no. {once again stated as a matter of fact}
Me: Honey, Mema works too. Remember?
G: Oh yeah! That's OK. I will stay with Papa. He will play silly with me all day.
Me: Well, we will have to talk to Papa about that one.
G: I know Mama ... you can just go to work with Daddy.
... sudden abrupt end to the conversation ...


Rene' said...

LOL!!! All I can say is that is funny!!!!
Tell gabby it's not all it's cracked up to be. Ask Tatum..she gets mad at her grandma every week! B/c unlike my mother-in-law, my mom lays down the law! She doesn't put up with Tatum's shananagans(sp?) Or actually my mom says, "Tatum Rene' you better stop or I'm telling the "Big Boss" That's what my mom calls me..LOL

Jeanna said...

shelby used to say the same thing every time we drove past a daycare where kids were outside playing. too cute.