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Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is new {and not so new}

*Dawson is walking 99% of the time with minimal bumps and bruises. He has become somewhat of a Daddy's boy over the past several days in the evening hours. Travis spoils him by holding him endlessly and showering him with kisses.
*Gabrielle is preparing for her preschool Holiday Music Program and has been in the full swing of the holiday spirit. I have taken the opportunity to have great conversations with her regarding the reason for the season. She has enjoyed the spirit of giving by putting money in the Salvation Army bucket outside WalMart, helping me purchase and prepare the Operation Christmas Child shoebox & helping someone else out who is gathering items for an angel tree family.
*We have a new president elect ... America's first African American to hold office. History has been made!
*Gas is now under $1.80 per gallon.
Can I hear an AMEN to that one?!
*The days {hours of daylight} are now shorter which automatically throws me into a season of laziness. I want to stay curled up in bed in the mornings where it is warm and comfortable and then am quickly ready to take a nap in the afternoon when the kids are down. It seems to take more effort to get myself and the kids cleaned up the days we do leave the house & I have zero to little motivation to do the deep cleaning that is so overdue in this house. I have made myself commit to doing something little everyday. Yesterday it was the bathrooms and seven loads of laundry, today I cut three weeks worth of coupons & tomorrow I plan to dust the kids bedrooms (which are covered in an inch of dust - no joking!).
*Uncle Yuck paid us a visit this past week. Gabrielle was up through the night Friday vomitting, Dawson has had a nasty nose for what seems like days now & Travis has been dealing with a terrible sinus infection.
I promise to update soon with recent pictures for those out of town family & friends. As Emily stated in a previous post "get off your google reader and leave me a comment" so I know you peeps are out there.


Lisa said...

I read your blog, I'm just bad about leaving comments. Thanks for the updates on the Hicks Household! And I find it really hard to believe that you have an inch of dust in your children's rooms.
Love, Lisa

Mimi's Mom, YaYa said...

can i ask you some questions about torticollis? my four month old daughter has it. I couldn't find your email.

Christine said...

Mimi's Mom, I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding torticollis however I don't wish to publish my e-mail on this blog (security reasons). If you wish to link me to your e-mail I will contact you right away.

Rene' said...

I always read your blog! sometimes my computer freezes up and I can't leave comments.