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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sharing T.M.I.

This may be too much information for some, but once again I have to "journal" this now before it is just a lost memory. Gabrielle and I ran to the McDonald's on K7 to return a Red Box movie we had rented yesterday. I ran in to return the DVD and as I returned to the van I caught Gabi in the act of picking her nose. Yes, I profess we have a booger picker on our hands. It isn't a huge problem, but this Mommy detests the act. It completely disgusts me. So with that said I told her {as I have many times in the past} that they don't allow booger pickers in Kindergarten so if she ever wanted to go to school she had better put a stop to it and fast.
Fast forward about 5 minutes
Gabrielle says "Mommy, guess what? If I pick my nose I will be grounded for a week. I won't get any TV, no ice cream & no play dates (you can easily see where her passions are (but on a side note she gets very limited TV) and what is used as rewards in our home)"
I simply responded with "That's right girlfriend. Grounded for a week. No more booger picking!"
Praise the Lord - maybe I am making some ground in my battle to stop the boogie picking :0)

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Rene' said...

Evan has an obsession with sticking his finger in his nose. I might have a booger pickeron my hands as well!
awh..come on momma...let the girl pick her boogies!!! LOL
you know it's a real disorder that some people have..they can't STOP picking their nose.
thanks for the thanksgiving dinner!! it was super delicious! we are so grateful for your hospitality and friendship.