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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Improved Look

Our little man has quite the head of hair. I guess you could say he was graced with my side of the family's hair. He received his first trim from Daddy at three months of age. Marietta then shaved him at four months of age and he had had two professional haircuts since then. His last cut was at age ten months (if my memory serves me correct). As his hair kept growing longer and longer I fell in love with his long locks and even his side "wings" that he sported every day. Well ... as the hot weather and humidity have since passed those locks and especially the wings weren't looking so cute anymore so we decided it was time for another cut - #5 if you are counting!

The kids and I love going to see Ms. Jillian.
She is young, fun and full of life.
Oh to be 21 again!!
As you can see from this picture Dawson wasn't quite sure at first if he was happy to be getting a haircut. But wait ... what is that that I see?

A lollipop!!!
{Yes, I realize that makes two lollipops that he has had within a month. That doesn't make me a bad parent. I am a fanatic about oral hygiene so no worries.}

Mmmmm all is well

My little man is looking more and more like a little man as the haircut progresses.
Jillian took a break to love up on baby D and give him a good long lick of that delicious lolli.

And here he is.
Mommy's new man - just as his shirt says
All clean cut and looking cuter than ever.

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Mo said...

You have the cutest kids ever! I just got caught up on several blogs. I miss you guys! Gabi's pumpkin song was adorable :) Give both of them a smooch for me.