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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It has been a week.
A week of ups and downs.
Good behavior and bad behavior.
I (me, myself & I) need to practice several fruits of the Spirit.
Patience, Gentleness & Self Control.
Motherhood ...
I will just leave it at that.

On another note - if I am seeking a quick change of attitude in my strong willed soon to be four year old I simply reach into the craft shelf in the pantry.
These are two simple projects we did together this week.

This was a super quick peel and stick ballerina. It included purple and gold glitter paint that Gabrielle used to make "good night light shades" for baby D & Daddy. I used the gold glitter to add the hearts and her name to the top of the curtain.

I had every intention on investing in a nice advent calendar this year, but it didn't happen. So in order to divert Gabrielle from asking if it is Christmas today (everyday) we whipped up this little count down calendar yesterday.
AND ... it worked!
This morning she proudly said, "Mommy, it isn't Tuesday anymore. That means there are eight days until Christmas!"
8 days!!!


April D. Hunt said...

The 2 C's: Crafts & Cartoons. The two things that always keep my kiddos quiet. (although I try to avoid cartoons at all costs)

I'm with you on the advent calendar. The one we bought at Target was the best $3 investment we made this holiday season. Ethan gets one chocolate a day and he knows that when they are all gone - it's Christmas!

Rene' said...

I was just thinking last night that I need something like this...Tatum asks me everyday too!

~melissa p. said...

Cute crafts!! It was my intention to make a advent calendar as well so we are just using a calendar that Aundrea marks of the days, it has worked for us. Oh well, maybe next year.

Lisa said...

Fun crafts! Advent calendars definetly help, Kayla made a paper chain and takes a ring off each day. I was tired of hearing "is is Christmas today?" all day long.