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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Graduation Day

Thursday December 4th was a big day for our little man.
Dawson officially "graduated" from his physical therapy appointments with Ms. Debbie. I {being the emotional person that I am} cried tears of sadness (we will miss our time with Debbie dearly) and joy. Debbie was quick to remind me that Thursday marked a day of triumph. She wanted me to reflect on how much Dawson had progressed over the past year. We left each other with a big hug and Dawson received several squeezes and a kiss or two. We could not have asked for a better PT match. Debbie provided us with kind words, endless encouragement & lots of smiles. She made our dealing with Dawson's torticollis diagnosis an uplifting, pleasurable experience. We shared time in discussing our families and our faith and developed a lasting friendship.
It is so refreshing to know that we will still be in contact with Debbie through her interactions with Gabrielle's classroom once a week.


April D. Hunt said...

Congratulations! What a long journey it must have been for all of you. I am so happy that you had such a good therapist and will be able to stay connected. Give Dawson a big hug for me. I'm glad that he has recovered fully.

Rene' said...

awh...I love Debbie. She's amazing. I'm glad you got to take a few pictures to remember what Dawson went through with PT.