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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Horsing Around

Last week GG made an unexpected visit from Springfield to spend time with us. We played, ate & just plain horsed around! Here is a recap of her time here with us.
Monday we stopped to feed our friend Socks the horse who lives nearby. We ran into his owner recently and he gave us permission to love on Socks and provide him special treats anytime we would like. After munching through a bag of carrots and getting much attention we said our goodbyes and headed to Chick Fil A for lunch and running off some energy in the playroom.

Gabrielle takes after her Mommy in her love for horses. She longs for her Daddy to build a shelter in our backyard and buy her a horse with the $$ from her piggy bank. I think she finally understands that that is not feasible for us.

Tuesday we spent the morning at Wonderscope Children's Museum then stopped at Costco for lunch and shopping. GG treated us to a box of our new favorite special snack - Golden Grahams Treats - and the best part is they are safe for Gabrielle.
Wednesday we did what all women do best - shopped! We hit Kohl's, The Scrapbook Page & Joann's. We did a quick run through McD drive through and headed home to clean the house for a showing.
Thursday morning we went to Millcreek Park for the story time done by the local library. This was our 1st time being involved with the story time. We (including myself) enjoyed it so much. It was great to have the convenience of the playground following story time. After leaving we did a little garage sale shopping and then ate at Dairy Queen.
GG got to experience our lives in full swing this trip. She saw the good and the bad, watched more kids cartoons then she probably cared for & most likely gained a pound or two from all our eating! We look forward to our next visit with GG {in Springfield} where we will hopefully visit the zoo and go pottery making with Aunt Shari.


Anonymous said...

you said you cleaned house for a showing...are you moving?

Mandy said...

oops! I will try and figure out how to leave my name...this is Mandy

Mo said...

exactly...moving? looks like a good time. Gabi is very brave around the horse.