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Thursday, June 18, 2009

While Mommy is away the kids shall play

Do you ever think your husband makes irrational decisions?
Such as feeding the kids snacks and calling it a meal.
Strapping the car seats in haphazardly (which he did recently!)
You know where I am going with this...
Allowing the kids to play in the sprinkler in their church clothes.
I came home Sunday afternoon to find the kids (mainly Gabrielle) running freely through the sprinkler in her dress. Daddy gets props for allowing some fun on a whim.

Travis was on "Daddy duty" {a phrase we have coined when he has the kids by himself} again last night. He filled the new kiddie pool up and pulled the slide up to the edge. The neighbor brought her daughter over and the kids had a blast.
I love this time of year when we spend hours outdoors visiting with neighbors, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk, all the water activities, grilling!, and most of all just hanging out as a family enjoying the backyard.

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Anonymous said...

Love these!Sometimes daddies have a way of remembering the REAL important stuff, you know? Food (any kind)in their tummies and lots of fun...pretty much the important things at the end of the day. Sounds like Travis was a hero! Even if it's not how we mom's would do things just be very grateful for any "daddy time" you can get! :)