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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I adOre U!

These are my two favorite girls on the face of the planet.
My beautiful niece Paige and my own flesh and blood Gabrielle.
The first word that comes to mind when I think of them is adoration.
Paige adores her cousin Gabi and like wise Gabi adores Paige.
They delight in one another.
Seeing the two of them together brings me such joy.
I moved to Tulsa when Paige was just two. I lived with her and her family for a short while until I was able to get myself settled. I had many, many a stranger approach me and ask if she was mine. I would just laugh and reply "No, but I sure claim her!" Now when I look at Paige and Gabrielle I see so many resemblances. Just look at their jaw lines, chin, mile wide smiles and the way their eyes grab you.

This post lead me to look up the definition of both the word adore and adoration.
Adore - to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor
synonyms for adore:
delight {in}
dote on
Each of these words sums up how Gabrielle feels about Paige
Adoration - a fervent or devoted love
These two share a fervent, devoted love.
One that even miles can't separate.
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The caption on this last photo reads "I love you Paigie, said with a kiss!"


Rene' said...

Boy...The Dubay gene pool is strong!! Paige resembles your side of the family quite a bit! She has gorgeous hair!
The pictures are really sweet. There is nothing more special than close families that love one another.

Anonymous said...

AWWW - I love these pictures that you posted. I really hope we can print some out for a keepsake of Ty's graduation weekend. Dad and I were so glad that you got to go with us and even though you had some sleepless nights with us (tee hee) it was still worth it. I love all my "grands" but this really touched me to see Paige at 16 holding Gabs at 4 and seeing just how fast they grow up - will be tomorrow that Gabrielle will be that pretty teenager. Keep your posts coming - I just love reading them. Mom

Anonymous said...

So precious! Both big cheeseballs aren't they? We need to get a copy for Paige's bulletin board.